BW Housing is your guide in buying your dream home.

Purchase of properties

If your planned stay in the Netherlands is for a couple of years or longer, purchasing of a house or apartment can be very attractive.

As with rental BW Housing can act as your purchasing real estate agent and support you throughout the whole process of finding and buying the right home for the right price. BW Housing does never act as the selling agent, so no conflict of interest will arise.

BW Housing has the knowledge and expertise of the housing market and knows all listings, even when these have not yet been published on Funda (the official real estate website where the NVM agents publish their current listings). 

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Step by step purchase guide


We are able to assess the first technical status of the property, conducts an initial investigation into the easement (who is the owner ofthe ground), environmental condition of the soil, etc. BW housing has knowledge of the applicable sales prices in the area and knows about the location (presence of the schools, shops, etc).


The search for and finding of the ideal home is an emotional rollercoaster. BW Housing will determine the purchase price together with you and any other conditions and then carry out the bidding process and further negotiations.


After your bid has been accepted by the seller BW Housing will obtain the structural inspection report as well as an evaluation report. The draft purchase agreement will be drawn up and checked by BW Housing and then discussed with you in detail, so we are sure that all agreements which we made are properly recorded in the purchase agreement.


If the draft sales agreement is approved, it can be signed at our office and sent to the notary.


Before the official transfer of your new home BW Housing will inspect it extensively to check if everything is still the same condition as at the time of viewing and agreements on possible takeovers have been fulfilled.


BW Housing will guide you to the notary who prepares and present the deed in Dutch but during the signing of the deed there will be a sworn interpreter / translator present. The signing of the deed will be followed by the official handover of the keys ofyour new home.


Of course, BW Housing can also support and guide you during structural modifications and / or renovation of your new home.