Relocation services

Besides the rental and purchasing of apartments & houses BW Housing also offers a wide variety of relocation services which are:

For the tenant

We can arrange the subscription of telephone, cable television, internet (ADSL, Broadband etc). We can arrange the application for utilities (for which an advance payment can be included in the monthly rental fee). We can help you to find your way around (in shops, the municipality etc) and help you find a doctor and school / kindergarden and/or sport club for your children.

Also for administrative burden

For employers who take care of the housing requirements of their staff: BW Housing not only finds the apartments of houses, we also can take away the administrative burden. We'll charge the rental fees (with a proper specification) through one monthly invoice and we will distribute the rental fee to the subsequent owners and utility companies. For this administrative and management support we will charge a fixed monthly fee per object. We further offer cleaning services. Your apartment or house can be cleaned on a regular basis, or at the end of your stay in The Hague. If so required the maintenance of your garden can be taken care of as well.

For the new owner of the apartment or house

Not only do we support you in finding an apartment or house, close the purchase and assist you in finding the most suitable financing, we also take care of finding constructors, painters if changes or improvements to the house have to be made. If you don't have the time arranging everything; BW Housing will take care of it. If after the completion of the improvements furnishing has to be done, again BW Housing will take care of it, if so required.

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